The biggest and baddest QW assembly in the world!
-9927Hours left of event
€1.403Prize pool
# Player Clan Rent need Travel Certainty Paid Comment
1 Zalon FA No renting Car 100% 12ms!
2 eb No renting Flying 0% On vacations...
3 bps -sd- No renting Car 100%
4 devqw ANUS Monitor Flying 100% <3
5 LocKtar -sd- PC, Monitor Car 100% Forma 37%
6 tummen 2nd No renting Car 100% Coming friday evening.
7 praxismo m00 PC, Monitor Flying 0% Going to Chamonix instead.
8 BLooD_DoG PC, Monitor Flying 100% :L
9 HENU PC, Monitor Flying 100%
10 doomie No renting Flying 0% Sorry but I am not attending in the end.
11 lordlame No renting Flying 0% Moving
12 kip -FU- PC, Monitor Flying 0% too much work :/
13 Predze No renting Car 100%
14 rst -sd- Monitor Car 100% Haarva
15 Andeh -sd- No renting Car 50% Casting
16 sae No renting Flying 0%
17 Abraxas d99 PC, Monitor Flying 100% End tourney! End tourney!
18 nigve -sd- No renting Car 100% Adrenalin gonna beat me up
19 pattah sTa PC, Monitor Flying 100%
20 Link PC, Monitor Flying 100% ur all noobs
21 kristus No renting Car 50% Gonna have to sort myself out. Will probably come for the weekend.
22 andy PC, Monitor Car 100%
23 raz0 FA No renting Flying 100% Hype!
24 dirtbox Cook Monitor Flying 0% Going to Thailand instead...
25 flintheart No renting Car 0%
26 Tenhi -FU- PC, Monitor Flying 90%
27 C@NIP PC Flying 0% Morvis fan
28 clawunf UNF No renting Flying 30% Need money !
29 Macisum PC, Monitor Flying 0%
30 Ake Vader CSN PC, Monitor Flying 0%
31 Baresi d99 PC, Monitor Flying 100%
32 reppie PC, Monitor Flying 0% :(
33 zkyp No renting Car 50% As of today I played a total of 10 QW games, cu@lan
34 FU/Anza FU No renting Flying 50%
35 ParadokS SR PC, Monitor Flying 80%
36 mushi PC, Monitor Flying 0%
37 zero SR PC, Monitor Flying 0% sr-luck plz.
38 Milton TVS PC, Monitor Flying 100% More 4on4!
39 sd-razor PC, Monitor Car 0% ses på lan
40 rio -sd- No renting Car 0% Can't attend... :(((
41 niw No renting Car 50%
42 dago sTa No renting Car 100% 29.08. -> My shaft in your face!
43 glinski Monitor Car 100%
44 Jissse PC, Monitor Flying 0% money money
45 locust ]A[ PC, Monitor Car 0% work work
46 aikon 020 No renting Car 70% raket fix a car plz
47 cara -sd- PC, Monitor Flying 0% /ready; say gl hf
48 Elguapo CSN No renting Flying 60% Be
49 Jehar TStv No renting Flying 100% Ne sher ve tep also!
50 RottenRose No renting Flying 90%
51 rghst sTa No renting Car 100% sasser inc !
52 anni sTa No renting Car 100% At least once in my life I have to come
53 Karnage No renting Car 100%
54 john_rambo No renting Flying 0% Blame Lordfail
55 raket 020 No renting Car 50% Car from Stockholm or Malmö.. @aikon we might go!
56 Rikoll -sd- No renting Car 100%
57 Mick No renting Car 0% On vacation..........
58 tsobo DIE Monitor Car 10% QHLAN
Prize pool info
We are once again raising the stakes by a yet-to-be-decided amount of cash money, supported through crowdfunding, prize distribution will be announced once we get closer to the event.

You can contribute to the growing prize pool at GoFundMe.

We also plan on putting 80% of the entrance fee into the prize pool!
The entrance fee will be €25 prepaid and €30 at the door.

To complete your payment, you have to donate €25 or more to the GoFundMe campaign, and supply the name used for your registration.

Payment can be completed at GoFundMe.
Preliminary Schedule
Thursday 22:00 Doors open
Friday 11:00 Start of Tournaments
Sunday 23:59 End of Tournaments
Tuesday 10:00 Doors close
All times are in Central European Summer Time (CEST)
To be announced
What would the event be without a good cast? Nada!

So, once again we will have an on-site casting duo. Who will be in the spotlight remains to be seen.
One lucky soul at the event will get his hands on the mythical Warzon Trophy, which only a handful living yet possess. This prize is not awarded any tournament winner, but rather The Most Entertaining Player, who Warzon himself single-handedly handpicks.
Venuemap - Ny Kjærsgaard