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Global QuakeWorld Meetup
QHLAN is a BYOC - Bring Your Own Computer - LAN event, gathering some of the worlds finest QuakeWorld (Quake1) players.

For you long distance visitors, we’re working hard to cut a deal for rental PC and monitor for your convenience.

The entrance fee is 800 SEK ($80) prepaid. Be one of the lucky 120 attendees, make sure to grab signup now!
Casters On-Site
Jehar + Andeh
What would this be without a good show? Nada! TastyspleenTV with crew is flying over from Texas to deliver a top-notch production, in collaboration with the long time QuakeWorld personality and commentator Andeh from SuddendeathTV.
Wicked Tournaments
1on1, 2on2, 4on4
We’ll be hosting the most prestigous tournaments of 2022. Long awaited, intercontinental clan battles will be held with zero* lag to crown the fiercest fighters and clans.

We listenened to public demand and are bringing 2on2 back into the light once more. To make room for this, we had to let the beforementioned experimental 4on4 tournament go.
The 7th Specimen Up For Grabs
Warzon Trophy
One lucky soul at the event will get his hands on the mythical Warzon Trophy, which only six players prior have won. It is not awarded to any tournament winner, but to the The Most Entertaining Player.
Eat, Drink, Quake, Repeat
QW Lounge
The lounge area is central in the venue, the place to hang out with your fellow friends and foes. There is a cafeteria with several fridges and a kitchen that will serve as self-service point for food and drinks, which is easily obtained from close-by supermarkets. When you want some fancier food there’s several restaurants in the area.
Just Around The Corner
The event venue will have a shielded area for sleeping if you wish to bring your own sleeping gear. If you would rather book a room, Bo Hotel is just across the street (inside Tele2 Arena), or if you prefer, check out Quality Hotel Globe, 100 meters away, if you're looking for a fancier, more pricy accomodation.
Live Cabaret By Warzon Himself
Unicycle Artist
Famously travelling the world as a hired entertainer and one of the most prominent unicycle artists on the planet, Warzon will showcase his mastery in unicycle, juggling and jaw dropping performances right before our eyes on the dance floor.
Awesome Venue
Epic Studios
Thanks to legendary QuakeWorld player Sniket from Clan 9, we’re able to host QHLAN 2022 at his superb venue located in “Slakthusområdet” which means “The slaughterhouse area” (fitting Quake map name?). This contemporary neighbourhood holds a wide range of bars and resturants, nightclubs and all sorts of shopping in the next-door mall.