The biggest and baddest QW assembly in recent years!
-779Days left of event
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Prize pool info
We’re raising the stakes this year by a yet-to-be-decided amount of cash money, supported through crowdfunding via Paypal. The good samaritan Andeh will hold the pot and sets the rules for distribution and whatnot in consultation with the QH admins.

Do you want to contribute? Do you feel we could maybe convince the likes of griffin, dag or why not even Reload to attend, if the the prize is tasty enough? :)
Awesome On-Site Caster Duo
Jehar & Andeh
What would the event be without a good cast? Nada!
So, Jehar and are flying in from the US to deliver top notch commentary together with ingame specialist Andeh from sdTV.
One lucky soul at the event will get his hands on a mythical Warzon trophy, which only a handful living yet possess. This prize is not awarded any tournament winner, but rather The Most Entertaining Player, who warzon himself single-handedly handpick.
Venuemap - Fredrika Bremergymnasiet