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It´s time for another QHLAN. This time we're expanding a bit, and thus moving to a bigger place called 'Galaxen' in Edsbergs Centrum, Sollentuna.

Galaxen - a former cinema - has now become a center for youth activities like discos and concerts. For LAN-purposes, it will fit about 200 gamers.

QHLAN is a gaming LAN, and those who've been following our LAN's know that QuakeWorld dominates the activities.


 Pay in advance and you
 • are guaranteed a seat!
 • can pick & book a seat!
 • may win a pocket computer!

Latest headlines:
January 26 (00:10) TV-inslag, Sollentuna Lokal-TV
January 8 (21:51) Pictures etc..
January 7 (23:55) Musicvideo from QH-LAN #2
January 6 (23:29) QH-LAN #3 is over

QH-LAN #2 Goodies!
Some pics from the Wrestlingcompetition where Jackass stood as the winner:
  All the contestants
  The audience
  Fremen vs. Bobo
  Summel vs. Locktar (1)
  Summel vs. Locktar (2)
  Summel vs. Locktar (3)
  Jackass vs. Fremen (1)
  Jackass vs. Fremen (2)
  Locktar vs. Lornelin
  Locktar vs. Pulsen (1)
  Locktar vs. Pulsen (2)
  Jackass vs. Summel (Final) (1)
  Jackass vs. Summel (Final) (2)

Other stuff:
  Sound capture of Filur, Summel & Liskan playing some qw 3on3 (5.8 mb)
  Sound capture of Pulsen & Summel in a dramatic qw 2on2 (246 kb)

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